Post Hike Day 4: Santiago (last post)

Arriving in Santiago again was very nice. It’s said that after three days of arriving in Santiago, one should move on because it’s no longer your town. All the pilgrims you know have left and a whole new group comes through. I found it exciting though to see all the new fresh faces. This is such a big day for them. I loved watching the crowds roll in and gaze up at the cathedral that they just walked 500 miles to see. We arrived to town super early so after a nice breakfast at a small cafe, we dropped our bags off at the Parador and used their computers to plan the rest of our trip. We decided to spend the remainder of our time in Barcelona! Then we will spend two days in Madrid before heading home. We had a horrible time buying train tickets online though so we ended up hailing cab to the train station and buying them in person. We then took another cab to a clothing store to buy some extra clothes because doing laundry every other day and walking around in hiking clothes is getting old. It was another subtle reminder that I’m no longer a pilgrim.

Our cab driver told us that he has never seen Galicia so dry and we are lucky to have such beautiful weather. I concur!

We accidentally ordered white wine at lunch. After all the amazing red wine I’ve had here, I don’t really have a taste for white wine anymore. So we decided we were going to sit outside on this beautiful day and drink that bottle of white until it tasted red. As we sat there enjoying the day, we played a game. Who hiked the whole trail and who section hiked? We found the secret to deciphering the code. The thru hikers were all bundled up like me. When you spend a month sweating and constantly being overheated from over exertion, when you stop moving on a day with a nice cool breeze like today, you actually feel cold. All the thru hikers were wearing sweaters and sweatshirts. Very interesting.

We took a tour of the cathedral and looked at all the chapels we missed when we were here the other day. Then we took our seats extra early for mass, ensuring a superb view of the botafumeiro. And what a sight it was. It was totally worth taking another two hour bus ride back to Santiago from Muxia. The botafumeiro swung high and wide and people went crazy for it. We were all told photos and videos weren’t allowed but there was no hiding that everyone documented this event. We walked 500 miles to see it! There will be a record of it!!

Dinner was amazing once again. We returned to Casa Marcelo where the head chef recognized us and prepared for us another very special menu. For dessert he didn’t even ask what we wanted. He just ordered around the kitchen staff and told us what we would eat. Actually he did that for the entire meal! It was all amazing and all different from what we tried a few nights before.

After dinner, guess who we ran into on the streets?! Ginger, Drennan, Diane, and Kelsey! They are all staying at the Parador too. I was so happy to be able to introduce them to Brian. Our greetings were short though. They were all off to bed. Brian and I were still bursting with energy though so we walked around town bouncing from one live performance to the next. Santiago is such a romantic town at night. We could also see the cathedral better at night than in the daylight for some reason. In the spotlight we could see the difference between the sections where they had completed renovations and where they hadn’t. The building clearly needs work so I don’t feel as bad about the fact that it’s currently covered in scaffolding.

Well, I guess this is my last post. My adventure is over although I’ll still be in Spain for another 10 or so days. Thank you so much for following along as I took my journey. I had so many readers and I don’t even know who you all are. Please know that your support powered me through the hard times and that you were with me for all the good times. I highly recommend this adventure to anyone looking to enhance their life. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need genuine encouragement. I will be a cheerleader for you as you have been for me. This has been the most amazing thing I’ve ever done and I will cherish it always.

Over and out.

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 What it’s like to stay in a real castle. We walked through multiple courtyards to get to our room.

 I have eaten my weight in octopus every day since I reached Galacian territory.

 The street performers here are top notch.

 One of the many chapels in the Santiago cathedral

 The knot holding the botafumeiro prior to being swung

 Monks preparing to swing the botafumeiro.

 Lighting the incense

 I love when you don’t really know what you are eating. These are actually razor clams in a lemon sauce.

  New guy on the left.

 One of the many live music options tonight

 The cathedral at night

June 26th, 2015 Posted By Theresa F.

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  1. Thank you Theresa for sharing your wonderful adventure! I felt like I was right there with you as I read your posts. Grandma and I would read them together and look at all your beautiful pictures! I miss you and can’t wait to see you! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. So I’ve just spent the last 2 days doing nothing but reading this blog haha thanks for sharing your journey. It has been truly inspiring!!

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