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Author, speaker, Certified Life Coach, and adventurer.


Reach beyond the visible horizon

to accomplish something extraordinary


Trusted Advisor and Certified Life Coach

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I am Trusted Advisor and Certified Life Coach (CLC).

 Leveraging 20 years worth of experience solving complex problems in national security, a wealth of lessons learned from long-distance hiking across foreign countries, and formal training in tried-and-true coaching methods that are used world wide, I work with my clients to identify areas for growth, discover new possibilities, reveal and remove obstacles to success, and build a strategic plan for shifting to a life that is truly fulfilling.


Are you a hard-working, passionate, successful 

individual by most counts and yet are...

DRIVEN to do more with your life?

STRIVING for life balance?

READY to make some changes?

I work with highly motivated people to help:

- Develop whole-life balance

- Build healthy habits

- Define life purpose

- Identify passions

If this resonates with you, let's talk.


Hi! I am a Certified Life Coach, author, public speaker, and adventurer. Up until 2015, I was simply a system’s engineer for a high tech research and development center. But in 2015, all that changed when I hiked the 500-mile Camino de Santiago in Spain, an adventure that changed my life’s trajectory! Until then, I was just kind of living my life without much consideration for my purpose or even what I wanted out of life. But once I accomplished something extraordinary for myself, I was forced to re-assess my entire life. I began writing and speaking about my life-changing experiences and lessons and soon realized that many of us are in a similar situation. We check all those boxes in life that make us “successful” but remain largely unfulfilled or just lacking passion for life. As my life became vastly improved over the next few years, I became something of a trusted advisor for those who sought to learn from what I’d been through. Today, I am also a Trusted Advisor and Certified Life Coach. I work with highly motivated individuals and groups who aren’t afraid to ask for more out of life and who want to live a full and authentic life that is specifically for them.

Sunrise in Spain

I did not consider myself an adventurer, yet somehow, at the age of 34, I found herself in the middle of rural Spain, having the adventure of a lifetime. Sunrise in Spain is a detailed daily memoir of that epic journey.

In 2021, I published a 5-year reflection in Returning from Camino, which explores the transformational nature of the Camino, the struggles of returning to "real life," and a practical look at how lessons from a long-distance hike can be applied to all aspects of life in the most positive ways.


Returning from the Camino


Video Camera Lens

2015 Video of Camino Hike

Pictures and Videos from Theresa's 2015 Camino Hike



Since I first hiked the Camino de Santiago in 2015, I frequently speak publicly about my Camino journey and the life lessons I brought home and apply to every-day life.  


In June of 2018, I was interviewed about my Camino experience.

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