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Theresa did not consider herself an adventurer before her trip; yet somehow, at the age of 34, she found herself in the middle of rural Spain, having the adventure of a lifetime. Sunrise in Spain is a detailed daily memoir of that epic journey.

In 2021, Theresa published a short companion, Returning from Camino: Lessons From a Life-Changing Journey,  which explores the transformational nature of the Camino, the struggles of returning to "real life," and a practical look at how lessons from a long-distance hike can be applied to all aspects of life in the most positive ways.

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THERESA FERSCH is a systems engineer by day, an aerialist by night, and an adventurer by accident. Following Theresa’s first Camino, she converted her travel blog into a published book called Sunrise in Spain and began giving talks all over the east coast. In 2021, she published Returning from the Camino, highlighting the lessons learned from a life-changing journey.

Theresa thoroughly enjoys coaching others and is working towards becoming a certified Life Coach, working with those who want to find balance in their life, who are struggling through transitions, and who are searching for their next great adventure. Today, Theresa and her husband Brian live happily in a small town in New Hampshire with their crazy husky, Bella. They spend as much time outdoors as possible and travel the world whenever given the opportunity.

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2015 VIDEO

22 minute compilation of

Theresa's 2015 Camino de Santiago.

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Since Theresa first hiked the Camino de Santiago in 2015, she frequently speaks publicly about her Camino journey and the life lessons she brought home with her.  

2015 Presentation

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