Group Coaching



Join this 2-evening virtual program with a small group of women who are in similar situations. Together we’ll:

- Identify pandemic struggles

- Acknowledge the pain and make peace

- Get clear on what we want for our post-pandemic life

- Identify blocks and obstacles that may be in the way

- Explore possibilities for a better future

- Build a plan to transition smoothly to a better post-pandemic life

Virtual - July 13-14, 2021

(7pm-9pm EST)


Jumpstart Your Post-Pandemic Life!

Thank God, you’ve survived

the worst. But now what?

"Languishing" is the term experts are using to describe the listless, exhausted, and lost feeling we're all experiencing as we enter this semi-post-pandemic reality.

- Feeling confused about your next phase of life?

- Still feeling conflicted about all you’ve been through?

- Looking forward to a new future but don’t know where to start?

Let’s work on this together!