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Extraordinary Life

Theresa is a Certified Lifestyle Coach

Are you...

DRIVEN to do more with your life?

STRIVING for life balance?

READY for your next great adventure?

Here is your invitation for change!

- Develop whole-life balance

- Build healthy habits

- Define you life purpose

- Identify your passion

- Learn to live authentically and intentionally

- Connect your mind, body, and spirit

- Cultivate meaningful relationships

If this resonates with you, let's talk.

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Theresa helped me organize my thoughts and ideas. She also helped me see my potential and value. I have a hard time seeing my accomplishments sometimes because I tend to focus on the work ahead instead of what I’ve achieved and what I can do with the skills I’ve already gained.

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The sessions gave me insight and specific ways to address areas where I wanted improvement. Together we helped determine pockets of time during the day where I could recharge. Additionally, we determined specific things/actions I could do to connect better to my family and friends. I also liked that our sessions provided external accountability.

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Theresa is a very good listener and very sympathetic. She pushed me to explore root causes and address those. We developed specific plans for achieving goals. I found this to be incredibly helpful to consider concrete steps.

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